Obverse Design The legend "FINCA . JARAMILLO" which translates to "PLANTATION JARAMILLO" curves along the top. Horizontally across the middle of the token is the legend "ENRIQUE . VASQUEZ . S.". Between these legends are some ornamental lines which do not look like anything in particular. Horizontally across the bottom of the token is the legend "BOQUETE". Rising up from the beginning and end of the name "BOQUETE" are more ornamental lines. There is a circle of beads close to the edge, and a smooth plain raised rim.
Reverse Design Blank, except it has the circle of beads close to the edge, and the smooth plain raised rim.
Metal Aluminum. Weight 1.59 grams. Size and Shape Round, 25 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Unknown. Tokens similar in style were issued by other individuals in 1903 and 1924. Eugene Hamlin attributed this token to 1911, but the source of his information is not known. Most likely issued after 1916 and before 1940.
Issurer Enrique Vásquez Serracín.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Scarce. Manufacturer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers Asociación Numismático's F-139, Conte Porras pages #113 & 114, Henkle's Colon #36, Plumer page #4, Rulau's Chq 11.
Varieties No other varieties known.
Function Plantation token.
Population Count Six specimens of this token in collector hands are known to me. Recent sales include:
  1. Auction sale on ebay on January 8, 2003 for $34.07 plus $1.25 shipping.
Historical Notes Quoting from the Libro Azul: Panama 1916-1917:
"Mr. Enrique Vazquez S. is an active business man established in Boquete for several years, with his store located a few steps from the railroad terminus. He does a large trade with the surrounding country, both on account of the excellent qualities of his goods and the reasonableness of his prices.

Mr. Vasquez is also an expert agriculturist and is the owner of three extremely valuable plantations in Boquete, as follows:

"La Hilda Maria" of twenty five hectareas of both natural and artificial pasture land, on which he has both cattle and horses grazing.

"La Anselmito" and "La Montana", with slightly more than 10,000 coffee trees in production, and with the necessary drying sheds, pulpers, and machinery. A hydraulic power plant exists which is sufficent for the needs of the two plantantions. More coffee is being planted on these properties which at present produce more than 100 quintales annually. In his store Mr. Vasquez buys and sells all classes of products of the country, and also carries a good stock of general merchandise, including dry goods, glassware, hardware, wines and liquors, canned goods etc."

Enrique Vásquez had been established in Boquete only a few years in 1916, and none of his plantations are named "Finca Jaramillo". Most likely this token is from sometime in the 1920's. According to the book Boquete: Rasgos de su Historia, Mr. Vásquez became had become one of the largest coffee growers in the region by the time of his death on March 2, 1940.

This token is somewhat similar to the Enrique Halphen token, so it may have been manufactured by the same company.

The town of Boquete is in the mountains of Chiriqui province, where the climate is cooler than at sea-level. Coffee, oranges, flowers and other agricultural products are grown in the region surrounding Boquete.

Note On the token, the name of the issuer appears as Enrique Vazquez S. The initial "S" refers to Enrique's mother's maiden name which was Serracín. The full formal name of a man in Spanish has his first name, father's last name and then mother's maiden name.

Don Enrique Vázquez Store in Boquete
Don Enrique Vázquez Store in Boquete
From El Libro Azul, page 254.