Obverse Design In small letters, the token says "WIN" along the left rim with an up-arrow below the word and "LOSE" along the right rim with an up-arrow below the word. The center of the token has a somewhat oval shape divided into three sections. The oval shape might be a head wearing an unusual hat. The top section says "TAHITI", the middle section is plain and the bottom section shows a sailboat on the ocean in front of a island with four mountain peaks, four sea gulls above the boat and a palm tree in the foreground on the right side. The token has a smooth plain raised edge.
Reverse Design The token has a horseshoe with the opening straight up. There is a four-leaf clover at the top where the horseshoe opens up. The token has the legends "GOOD" and "LUCK" on two lines in the center of the token, with a dot in the center (in between the two lines). The token has a smooth plain raised edge.
Metal White metal, most likely copper-nickel. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 25.5 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Unknown, but probably 1940's.
Issurer Tahiti Jewelry Store.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Very Rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers None.
Varieties The PHILIPPINE RATAN FURNITURE Good Luck token has a different obverse but the same reverse design.
Function Unknown. Perhaps a merchant token, novelty business card or just good luck piece.
Population Count One specimen of this token in collector hands is known to me. No recent sales.
Notes The good luck token issued by the Philippine Ratan Furniture Store is the same diameter, made of the same metal and has the same reverse design as well as similar design elements on the obverse. The pattern in naming the stores (Tahiti Jewelry Store, Philippines Ratan Furniture Store) suggests that the two stores had the same owner or owners, who most likely ordered both of these tokens from the same manufacturer around the same date.