Obverse Design "HOWARD-ALBROOK" curves along the top. "NCO" and "OPEN MESS" appear in two lines across the middle. "CANAL ZONE" is below that, curving along the bottom. Circle of small beads close to the edge. Smooth plain raised edge.
Reverse Design A large "1" followed by "00" in smaller size. The top of the zeros is about even with the top of the "1". Under the "00" is "IN TRADE" in an oval block going across. Below the "IN TRADE" is a line. The line is about even with the bottom of the "1". There is a circle of small beads close to the edge. Smooth plain raised edge.
Metal Aluminum, blue. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 35 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued November, 1970.
Issuer Albrook AFB and Howard AFB.
Mintage 500.
Rarity Very Rare. Manufacturer Meyer and Wenthe Company. Other Catalog Numbers Cunningham's CZ260e.
Varieties There may be as many as seven varieties. Per Cunningham, he examined records from Meyer and Wenthe Company, and determined that four varieties were made in different colors (yellow, orange, blue and gold) during the period of time covered by those records. The gold one Cunningham described as different in that it has no dash between "HOWARD" and "ALBROOK". The ones I have examined in person or via image are anodized bronze, anodized gold (with the dash), brown and orange.
Function Mess token.
Population Count Only the entry by Cunningham is known to me, and I have never seen or heard of any actual specimens in collector hands. I do not know of any recent sales. Perhaps the records for the "Howard-Albrook" dollar really refer to the blue Albrook (no Howard) dollars MT-46.100 and MT-47.100.