Obverse Design "N.C.O. CLUB" curves along the top. A bow-shaped ornament appears in the center of the token. "FRANCE FIELD" curves along the bottom of the circle.
Reverse Design "GOOD FOR" curves along the top. There is a large "5¢" in the center, with a nearly vertical cent sign under the letter "R". "IN TRADE" curves along the bottom.
Metal Brass. Weight Unknown. Size and Shape Round, 21 mm in diameter.
Dates Issued Before World War II.
Issuer France Field, air force base near Colon.
Mintage Unknown.
Rarity Rare. Manufacturer Unknown. Other Catalog Numbers Asociación Numismático's F-158, Henkle's CZ-69 and Plumer page #4.
Varieties One variety has a angled cent sign to the left of the letter "R"; the other has a nearly vertical cent sign which is under the letter "R".
Function Perhaps a post exchange token.
Population Count Three specimens in collector hands are known to me. I do not know of any recent sales.

Bad Landing at France Field by a Martin B-10
Bad Landing at France Field by a Martin B-10
Photo courtesy of George Chevalier. All Rights Reserved.